Saturday, March 03, 2007

This Administration Should Be Ashamed

Recent news from Dana Priest and others from the Washington Post has exposed the dirty, filthy conditions at Walter Reed Army Hospital. Every single person who knowingly let these horrible, deteriorating facilities be used for our wounded, should be fired. Is this the way President Bush and his administration support the troops? By letting our wounded remain soaked in their own urine, left unattended, and then force them to sleep in rooms with moldy walls/ceilings, Bush and his people have shown they have little regard for the welfare of our military and their families. They can say they support the troops, but their actions speak louder than words. Every American needs to read the news articles about Walter Reed and then call their Representatives and Senators. We cannot believe that something will be done because this has been going on for almost four years and no one did anything about it. The Republicans, in an effort to protect Bush's reputation, had been able to cover up the information until recently.

For further info, read The Washington Post. As Bush's war in Iraq continues, more of our wounded will return home for medical care. Will Bush and his administration be ready to care for them?