Monday, March 05, 2007

Why is it tolerated?

The recent remarks by Ann Coulter make me wonder why her remarks are tolerated by the right wing. If some other well-known person had used the same word, he/she would have been attacked by many people. However, those on the right continue to make excuses for Coulter.

Now Coulter said it was a joke. How can this kind of behavior be taken as a joke? In this country's not too distant past, racial and ethnic slurs were hurled by racists toward other Americans. As a nation, we cannot allow Coulter and others to adopt these words and use them in their daily language. Any groups that would invite and pay Coulter's high speaking fees, should receive condemnation. The groups that sponsored Coulter's talk, CPAC and the National Center for Public Policy Research, knew what they were getting when they invited Coulter. They knew she could do/say something controversial, but they still invited her. They knew that she could possibly insult someone, but they still invited her. Today they claim they were surprised by her remarks and use of that "word." Baloney. Don't believe it.

Let CPAC know that you are not interested in their agenda or their support of Coulter. Let those conservatives squirm. Contact them at
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