Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Health Issues Haunt McCain

The Republican presumed presidential candidate, Sen. John McCain, suffered from bouts of cancer. Voters are wondering what his health status would do to his possible presidency. USAToday has a story about McCain's health problems on the Opinion page:

....If he wins in November, McCain, 71, will be the oldest person elected to a first presidential term. That makes his health a reasonable concern of voters.

In 1999, well before the Republican primaries of 2000, McCain released 1,500 pages of health records, dating to his days in the Navy. Since then, however, he has gotten almost a decade older and, in August 2000, he underwent melanoma surgery. His refusal to release records covering that surgery and subsequent developments is troubling.

From his health history alone, it is clear that McCain is at a heightened risk of a recurrence of melanoma or other types of skin cancer. The New York Times, in a story published Sunday, cited a medical study of his particular category of melanoma that put his 10-year survival odds at about 65% at the time of his surgery. (Having survived at least five years with no known recurrence, his odds have risen substantially.).....

McCain should let the public know exactly what health problems he has faced. As a man over 70, there are many health problems that could arise if he were elected President. With his past history, age, and the pressures of the office, could he handle the day to day challenges of the White House.