Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just thinking.....

You've heard about that large cruise ship that has been unable to make it back to land under its own power.  With tug boats pulling it, and no electricity on board, the vacationers on the ship must be roughing it.  According to, SPAM will be dropped on the ship for the passengers dining needs.  Ohhhhhhhhh............   I think I might choose to drop a few pounds instead.

*  I have a conspiracy theory for you.  Did you ever think that the Bush daughter was hired by NBC's Today Show so that when former President George W. Bush wrote his book that NBC would have the inside track to getting an exclusive interview?  Of course, the Bush interview has been a ratings bust, from everything I've read.  The country has had enough of George W. and the entire Bush clan.

* Republican climate change deniers will be in charge of the committees in the House of Representatives.  Democrats and Progressives may not have won the majority, but we know that we are right about climate change.  While the GOP climate deniers call forward their idiots to testify against any legislation that would reduce carbon emissions, the world will be watching the Republicans.  The Republicans will be labeled complete idiots by the worldwide scientific community and intelligent people around the world.  For more insight, check out GRIST's article.