Monday, November 15, 2010

Still Hopeful

No matter what happened in the election, I'm still hopeful.   

I know that the Republicans won the election but, well, here is how they govern. (This is a long video from the Judiciary Committee which was then chaired by Republican Rep. James Sensenbrenner.  The Democrats wanted to discuss the Patriot Act, but Sensenbrenner had other ideas.  At 3:51 minutes into the video and again at 5:08 Sensensbrenner and the GOP thugs demonstrate their lack of civility.) 

Youtube video:

Republicans can win elections, but they lack knowledge about what real people need.

****  Here is another Youtube video from This Week, April 19, 2009:

You'll become aware that Boehner was not a science major.

Fixing the environment will not raise taxes.  By the way, the only plan that Boehner and his crew submitted over and over and over again involves tax cuts for the rich.  Tax cuts for the wealthy are the reason we have a massive debt.