Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Moms and Dads!

FreedomWorks has employment and internships open every summer. However, if your son or daughter comes home to tell you about an internship they've landed with FreedomWorks, you might want to have a serious talk with them.


The controversial conservative super PAC FreedomWorks created a promotional video that depicted former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton having oral sex with a woman in a giant panda suit, according to a report published on Thursday. 

Former FreedomWorks officials told Mother Jones‘ David Corn that an internal investigation was focusing on the group’s president, Matt Kibbe, and a possible area of inquiry was the video in question....

.....FreedomWorks tasked two female interns with the roles of Hillary Clinton and the giant panda. The panda suit was an “inside joke” used at rallies to mock Democrats for pandering to special interests......

 There are plenty of other sources for this story. Just Google "FreedomWorks Panda" and you'll be shocked.  The last thing your son or daughter needs is a starring role in a politically-slanted sex tape.


Gov. John Kasich's budget for Ohio schools has grabbed the attention of people in Texas, and it isn't very pretty.

The Houston Chronicle:

Questions remained Wednesday about Gov. John Kasich's new school funding plan, with critics charging that many public schools, including in poor districts, will be shortchanged even though the Republican insisted his proposal was focused on helping students....

.....some Democratic officials and education leaders have questioned Kasich's description, saying it doesn't offset earlier cuts to schools and it leaves most schools, including many poor districts, without additional dollars. They also question the plan's increased support for charter schools and expansion of private-school vouchers.

"The governor says he is increasing funding for education, but that's an empty promise," Ohio Education Association President Patricia Frost-Brooks said in a statement.

John Kasich can't even keep promises to Ohio's school children. Ohio taxpayers are preparing for many future school levies on their election ballots, while they worry that their children will suffer under the Kasich school budget cuts.