Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Stand Against Kasich

*** Ohio's working men and women must realize that if Gov. Kasich's budget passes, they'll be paying higher taxes. The middle class home owner will also be hit with more school levies and cuts to local schools. We must stand in opposition to Kasich and anyone that supports his insane budget.

> Republican Treasurer Josh Mandel has refused to just go back to work and do his job. Now he is standing in opposition to the health care law expansion in Ohio.  Mandel needs to be retired after his term. We've had enough of his self-promotion and superficial, Tea Party Republican talking points.

***  The Republicans has already dismissed President Obama's ideas on immigration reform. Republican Sen. Marco Rubio said that the plan was "dead on arrival" (see TheHill).  There are some who've said that Rubio's plan is close to the same one from the President's desk. Rubio and his Republican obstructionists are continuing to be against anything that comes out of the White House. Adding this to their other lack of bipartisanship, you begin to wonder if there is something more that the Republicans are against. The Republicans might be showing some of their prejudice.

Speaking of Rubio.....
I particularly loved both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's reaction to Rubio's water drinking incident.