Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Republican Way

* School districts across Ohio are upset about Gov. John Kasich's school funding budget. It appears that poorer districts get nothing additional, while wealthy school districts get more.


After experiencing deep cuts the past two years, Athens County school districts can expect no new money from the state for the next two years under Ohio Gov. John Kasich's education proposal that he rolled out earlier this month.

District-by-district figures were released Wednesday showing all five districts in Athens County flat-funded for 2014 and 2015. This after districts saw cuts in the millions of dollars in Kasich's first biennial budget, leading to the closure of Chauncey Elementary School and levy requests from several local districts.....

....All told, 368 districts across the state will get no additional funding over the next two years, including every district in 12 low-income Appalachian counties, according to the administration's numbers....
Ohioans are tallying up the reasons why Kasich should not be re-elected, and his disastrous attacks on public school funding will be added to the list.

* There are a number of people planning to attend the State School Board meeting tomorrow morning, Monday, to demand the resignation of Debe Terhar. Terhar was the Kasich appointee that compared President Obama to Hitler (see InnovationOhio for details).

* Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham (SC ) has had some harsh words recently. Then again, Sen. Lindsey Graham doesn't seem to like anything President Obama does.  Now Lindsey Graham has issued a threat.


Sen. Lindsey Graham says he plans to block President Obama’s nominees to head up the Department of Defense and the CIA until the White House releases more information about what happened on the night of the September attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi. The South Carolina Republican says he won’t filibuster but he will try to put a hold on Chuck Hagel, the Defense nominee, and John Brennan, Obama’s choice to lead the CIA. Graham defended his stance saying that then-Sen. Joe Biden also asked for more information before a 2005 vote to confirm a nominee. “No confirmation without information," Graham said on CBS News....

Lindsey Graham's assault on United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice was viewed by many as racist, sexist, and unfair. Is Lindsey Graham willing to hold up important nominations just to satisfy his own prejudice and ego?