Friday, February 01, 2013

Getting Less for Less

* No matter what magic formula Gov. John Kasich proposes for funding for Ohio's schools, it is not enough. The good people at InnovationOhio explain it all:

Ohio Gov. John Kasich wants to increase state education spending by $1.2 billion over the next two years, but the proposed increase falls short of replacing education funding cut in the last state budget.....

This is like a shell game with Kasich by moving money around, not allowing full disclosure, and taking money from education to deposit in the "rainy day" fund.
Of course, the Kasich administration refuses to address the fact that Ohio's school districts have had to go to voters for more money through school levies. Cutting funding to schools only penalizes taxpayers who must raise local taxes to maintain the quality of education their sons and daughters have.  Kasich may brag that he is cutting taxes, but what are we losing?

InnovationOhio sums up Kasich's latest education scheme funding:

Kasich School Funding Plan: The Basics
  1. Additional $1.2 billion for schools over next two years; $1.6 billion cut for schools in past two years.....
     5. Changes to rules relating to student:teacher ratios and length of the school year.
     6. Funding for charter school facilities.

 We'll be waiting for details on how Kasich wants to provide more money to charter schools while sacrificing students in traditional public schools. John Kasich isn't known for being transparent in his moves. In the end, it will be awhile before we'll see the details.  Unfortunately, the Republican controlled Ohio General Assembly will approve anything Kasich proposes.  It will be up to citizens to vote them out.

In the end, students in public schools will get less money for their education while charter school owners get richer, and can contribute more to Republicans.