Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bachmann Runs

Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann is at it again with crazy, unfounded, comments.  Of course, nothing she says is true.  Anderson Cooper reported about when Dana Bash of CNN tried to speak to Bachmann about her recent statements about President Obama.


 ...Bachmann made comments about the supposedly lavish lifestyle Obama leads inside the White House during her speech at CPAC, slamming the professional dog walker and multiple chefs she said were being paid with taxpayer money....

"The claims of $1.4 billion in White House perks and excess, they fail on the facts in simple fairness," Cooper said:
"Congresswoman Bachmann apparently got her information from a 131-page self-published book by a long-time Republican lobbyist. The book provides no specific sourcing for the claims it makes. No sourcing. According to the 'Washington Post,' which dug into this the only scholarly work on the subject was published in 2010 by the left leaning Brookings Institution. It found the Bush White House in 2008 cost about $1.6 billion to run. Nearly $1.1 billion of which went to the Secret Service and the White House chopper fleet, not perks. If Congresswoman Bachmann is right and that's a big if, the current occupants are actually $200 million cheaper."
CNN sent Bash after Bachmann....

but Bachmann ran.

There is this tidbit from the StarTribune:

U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann was the lone member of Minnesota's congressional delegation to vote against the Violence Against Women Act, a law credited with raising awareness about abuse of women....