Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Boehner Happily Spending Your Money

* You might not know it, but Republican Speaker of the House, John Boehner, has been very generous in spending your money to bring DOMA to court. Boehner is fight against the rights of marriage equality.


The House Republican leadership has billed American taxpayers $3 million to defend the anti-gay Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in federal courts and the U.S. Supreme Court, but GOP leaders did a deep dive on Wednesday as the high court heard the legal challenge to DOMA.

The growing approval of same-sex marriage, and declining popularity of anti-gay laws, seems to have gotten under House Speaker John Boehner’s orange skin.

Boehner was tweeting Wednesday on familiar topics — “Time to Build the Keystone Pipeline,” “Bad News for Obamacare” — but said not a tweet about a federal law that discriminates against same-sex couples and denies them federal benefits.....

How sad! Boehner and his Republicans are always talking about "freedom," but they refuse to allow a person to marry the person he or she loves. When Boehner and his Republicans fight against marriage equality, they are also dismissing the rights and privileges that go to a spouse. It is disgusting that the Republicans are just so selfish and concerned only about themselves and their rich friends. They care very little about the lives and concerns of real people. With any luck, the old, Neanderthals of the Republicans Party will just shrivel up and disappear.