Monday, March 18, 2013

Big Money Spent by JobsOhio

Innovation Ohio has learned about how Gov. John Kasich's pet project, JobsOhio, has been spending our money. It has been published in the DaytonDailyNews:

...In the release, Innovation Ohio spokesman Dale Butland said taxpayers paid for a “corporate version of the Taj Majal” as part of nearly $1.2 million in office expenses for JobsOhio. 

The press release highlights the following 2012 expenses, which are contained in an audit by a private company released earlier this year:
• $367,000 spent office remodeling:
• $362,000 spent on office furniture;
• $233,000 spent on rent
• $167,000 spent on IT (information technology)
• $67,000 spent on “supplies” 

The article notes that there are only 20 employees at JobsOhio but $362,000 was spent on office furniture!  Really!  Gov. Kasich could have saved a lot of money if he would have gone to the Ohio State University surplus website to get $10 office chairs, $25 desks, $20 conference tables, and other used office equipment. I'd really love to see a breakdown of the $67,000 that was spent on "supplies" for JobsOhio. Did they purchase 14k gold paper clips?

Innovation Ohio has more information on their web page, including a picture of the "coffee bar" in the JobsOhio office.  Visit the Innovation Ohio link and check out the stuff on the KPMG audit and the DOD info. What else is Gov. Kasich is hiding from you and the State Auditor?