Thursday, March 14, 2013

Nothing New

* In an effort to keep his cabinet and advisers in the same right wing, conservative, anti-middle class philosophy, Ohio Gov. John Kasich has replaced an outgoing director with someone already working for him.


Gov. John R. Kasich has appointed David Goodman, current director of the Department of Commerce, to lead the Ohio Development Services Agency.

Goodman will succeed Christiane Schmenk, who is leaving to pursue a position outside of the agency....

According to the State Treasurer's website, Christiane Schmenk's salary was $95,565, while David Goodman's was $114,701. In April 2012, Plunderbund reported that Gov. Kasich pays his female employees less than his male employees. It makes you wonder if Goodman will be paid the $114,701 he collected at Commerce or the $95,565 Schmenk was paid. My guess is Kasich will continue to pay Goodman the higher salary because he is a man. Any woman that thinks Kasich cares about their equal rights is a fool.