Friday, July 12, 2013

...except if you have a uterus...

The Republicans in Ohio want freedom for everyone --- except if you have a uterus.

Here is an image found at LivingBlueinWestVirginia:

10TV has more on the Kasich budget and how it hurts women:

...Dale Butland from Innovation Ohio, a progressive think tank, says Kasich is leading the narrative nationally that Republicans are at war with women.

"From Texas to Ohio, women are fed up," Butland said.  "Ohio Republicans just passed the most anti-women budget in the history of our state.  It contains six new restrictions on women's access to healthcare and Governor Kasich didn't veto a single one.  Women don't want men controlling their healthcare decisions.  Republicans need to learn no means no."

Ohio women should vote against Kasich and his party in the next election for not respecting or trusting women.