Wednesday, July 10, 2013

They don't care!

Planned Parenthood has released an ad detailing how women in Ohio are in danger:

The Ohio Gov. John Kasich and his Republicans in the General Assembly don't care ---

1. that the new Republican budget has cut funds to rape crisis centers in Ohio.

2. that women's health care is being dictated by Republicans who have no medical expertise in women's reproductive medicine.

3. that women in a doctor's exam room will be forced to hear unscientific mumbo jumbo about birth control that was written by people with no medical knowledge.

4. that women will die because of the ridiculously stupid obstacles that they will face if they are experiencing a miscarriage or want an abortion because of the ignorance and ideology of the Ohio GOP and Kasich.

Any woman that votes to re-elect Kasich is allowing ignorance to thrive.

Just say "NO!" to Kasich and the GOP.