Monday, July 22, 2013

No Miracle?

> Last month Gov. John Kasich bragged about some small economic news in Ohio. This month, with word that Ohio lost over 12,000 jobs in June, Kasich and his Republicans aren't in a jovial mood.

Ohio lost the second highest number of jobs in the country in June, just a month after posting the largest job gains, the U.S. Labor Department reported Thursday....

....Hannah Halbert, a policy liaison for Policy Matters Ohio, which studies the state's labor market, said data released Thursday cause concerns.

"Ohio has added only 16,000 jobs over the last twelve months, a very slow 0.3 percent growth rate," she said in an email. "In the prior 12 months -- June 2011-June 2012 -- the state added more than 113,500, (or) 2.2 percent. The data has shown a volatile, up-and-down, pattern for most of this year but overall the recovery remains weak."

Kasich's job growth policies have produced nothing.

****  Some people believe that there are too many regulations for businesses. Republicans have been especially critical of regulations regarding labor, safety on the job, minimum wage, work hours, banking rules, environmental laws, etc. If it were up to some Republicans, businesses could do whatever they want without any interference from anyone. Regulations exist to protect everyone.

Recent events in Texas illustrate why regulations should exist. The April fertilizer plant disaster in Texas that killed 15 people occurred because of lax regulations (see CBS News). The fact that a dangerous factory operated and existed close to homes, and schools is absolutely disgusting. 

Recent news about the death of a woman in Texas at an amusement park is heartbreaking. Regulations and inspections could have prevented her death. Some people think that regulations put an unfair burden on businesses, but now the woman's death has put an unfair burden on her family.