Monday, July 29, 2013

This is a start!

It has taken a lot of time for this to happen, but it is only a start.


Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are set to be dropped from the second-biggest radio network in the country, Politico reported Sunday night.

Cumulus, which runs about 40 stations across the country, is prepared to part ways with the broadcasters over the high cost of distributing their shows, the report said. Limbaugh and Hannity--who are the top two most highly-rated talk show hosts in America--are syndicated by Premiere, which is owned by Cumulus rival Clear Channel. If the plan comes to fruition, it would mark the culmination of a series of escalating skirmishes between the company and the broadcasters--especially Limbaugh....

People who support peace, understanding, diversity, and are against racism will be rejoicing. It will be great when Limbaugh and Hannity are off of the air completely.


>>> Bob Evans Farms Foods will close a plant in Ohio, according to a warn notice posted at the ODJFS page. Fifty-two people will lose their jobs. The fact that Bob Evans Farms is closing a plant in Ohio should get some scrutiny because of the money given to Bob Evans Farms by Gov. John Kasich in the early months of 2010 (see 10tv story about money incentives received by Bob Evans Farms). Kasich continues to give money to his corporate buddies, and the working people end up suffering, and losing their jobs.

***  If you missed it, check out the letter to the editor in the Cincinnati Herald.  Not everyone approves of Kasich's attacks on women and workers.