Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Desperate Conservatives

The Conservatives are descending on Washington, DC for their big CPAC meeting. In an effort to recruit people under the age of 80, the conservatives are desperately going after the younger voters. Unfortunately, the level of celebrity (below the "D" list), the attractions (questions with Stephen Baldwin(?)), Sarah Huckabee, and the sponsorship (includes Focus on the Family), I can't think of any hip, educated, twenty to thirty year olds that would attend the XPAC event. The CPAC people are trying to get the legions of college students that worked for Obama and the Democrats to come over to the old, white, backward-thinking, conservative, mostly male, Republican Party. The only people that CPAC and XPAC will get are the small groups of College Republicans, and other confused individuals.

Here is a fun fact! The OSUDems (FacebookOSUcollegedems), a student organization at the Ohio State University, is the one of the largest CollegeDems groups in the country. GO BUCKS!