Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Still Snowing!

* We've had an additional ten inches of snow overnight here in central Ohio. The Ohio State University, most schools, and businesses are closed because the roads are treacherous.

* If you have the opportunity to watch a Green Planet television series called Blood, Sweat, and T-Shirts, grab it. The series follows British young people as they investigate, and then work in the sweatshops in India, where many of the clothes they wear are made. It is a fascinating look at the horrible working and living conditions that men, women, and children endure to manufacture clothing.

* Republican Rep. John Boehner will have a Democratic opponent in the upcoming election. According to Cincinnati.com, Democrat Justin Coussoule, will announce his candidacy this week. I'm still not sure how Boehner continues to be elected, given the fact that he has done so little for his district. (I still believe that radio giant, Stephanie Miller, pronounces Boehner's name correctly.)

* Speaking of Boehner---- Last fall, John Boehner had demanded open, televised meetings with the President to discuss health care reform. Now that Boehner is going to get those meetings, he is running scared. Boehner is such a pompous jerk.