Thursday, February 25, 2010


At the health care summit, President Obama had to deal with grumpy Sen. John McCain. It might be that McCain still isn't over the fact that he LOST!

Washington Examiner:

....McCain said the bill "was produced with unsavory deal-making" and he harkened back to the 2008 presidential campaign when, as the GOP nominee, he and Obama pledged to put a stop to it.

"We promised change in Washington and what we got was a process that you and I both said we would change," MCain said.

When Obama got the microphone back, he was quick to slap down McCain, telling him, "we are not campaigning any more, the election is over."


McCain must be getting a little old because he can't even discuss the topic at hand. He sounds like a cranky, unhappy, old man.

Here is what a writer at had to say about McCain:

First off, why is John McCain even at today's health care summit organized by President Obama? He sat there looking smug and childish throughout the first section of the discussion. Then when given a chance to talk in the second section he dropped all pretense of being there to work towards a solution in health care. He was there simply to play partisan games like a spoiled brat angry that he didn't win Miss Congeniality at the prom.

I give President Obama credit for largely ignoring McCain's schoolyard ploy, acknowledging that McCain was merely venting talking points with no attempt at serious legislating, and moved on to have Secretary Sebelius. Obama is an adult, I'm sorry to say that Senator McCain, whom I once held in high regard, has proven to be immature and, frankly, an embarrassment to his colleagues.....

Americans aren't concerned with talking points or even crabby, old John McCain. We want progress on health care. Can you believe that the Republicans said that they never hear complaints about the cost and availability of health care!!!!! That sounds like a challenge.

In case you're interested in facts and figures, Open Secrets has this little tidbit about John McCain:

During John McCain's career, he has accepted $2,910,303 in campaign funds from those associated with the insurance industry. Looks like McCain is doing a great job representing their interests.