Monday, February 22, 2010

Taylor's Office

Update: Progress Ohio has some photos of Taylor's very empty office in Canton. You can see it here.

Have you been questioning how much has been spent providing for State Auditor Mary Taylor's office in the Canton area? It was only recently revealed that Taylor spends most of her time working at a state office near her home in Canton. In an article in the Dispatch, it was noted that Taylor communicates with the main office in Columbus through e-mails, conference calls, etc. Did Taylor purposely cover up her work location? Have newspapers, TV, and other media failed to report Taylor's work habits?

I am a wife and mother. I've successfully juggled the working mother/wife thing for years, but I have little sympathy for Taylor's work arrangement. When one accepts a job, the requirements of the job are known. If Taylor knew that she had no intention of working within the confines of the Auditor's office in Columbus, she should have notified voters before she was elected.

Other questions persist about Taylor's office location in the Canton area:

1) How much state money was used to accommodate/remodel/furnish an office in Canton?
2) What additional fees were spent on new computers and software for this office? Were additional employees hired?
3) How does Taylor directly supervise employees in Columbus? Does she know the names, work habits, and skills of the employees within her department?
4) What is the monthly cost of conference calls, internet usage, car mileage/gasoline, security, utilities, and other extras to allow Taylor to keep in contact with the main Auditor's office in Columbus?
5) If elected as Lieutenant Governor, will Taylor continue to keep the same work arrangement and not spend the bulk of her time in Columbus?

The Kasich-Taylor ticket has provided little if any details to Ohio voters. How would they provide for the stability of the state if they eliminated the state income tax? We are tired of generalities, and hidden agendas coming from these Republicans. It is time for them to step up, answer real questions, and provide real details for Ohioans. We don't need anymore secret office situations in Canton.