Monday, February 01, 2010

GOP Strategy: Recycle their old ideas, plans


In the name of deficit reduction, House Republicans are going back to the Social Security well, offering budget proposals similar to those President George W. Bush proposed after his 2004 re-election that would privatize Social Security accounts and reduce cost of living adjustments.

Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) appeared on Hardball tonight and advocated balancing the budget by privatizing Social Security and cutting benefits for those now under 55.

"You can get better health care and better retirement security if you go to a defined contribution plan. We had this debate in Social Security a few years ago," Hensarling said....

Seriously. Is Hensarling stupid or does he think the American public is stupid? Doesn't he realize what would have happened if all those under age 55 would have invested in the stock market like Bush and the Republicans wanted? All of their retirement savings from the stock market would have been completely gone!!!!! Do the Republicans have suffer from a creative deficit? Are they unable to develop any new ideas or strategies to offer the American people????? How pathetic!

>>>> Just when Ohioans thought that it was going to be a good election year, Republican candidate for Ohio Secretary of State, Jon Husted, had this message on his Twitter page:

"In Senate we are voting on an elections reform bill, that among many things eliminates the golden week registering/voting on the same day."