Tuesday, November 01, 2011

What else is new???

>>>>  There are more layoffs in Ohio. The Ohio Dept. of Jobs and Family Services Warn Notices:

Gonzalez Contract Services/Toledo (Lucas Co.) =176 people

Yet Gov. Kasich claims his strategies are creating jobs?????

*** Josh Mandel, current Ohio Treasurer and Republican candidate for Senate, is over 170 days late in filing his personal financial disclosure. 170 days late!!!!  OMG!  What is he afraid to disclose?  Is he trying to figure a way out of following the law? Shame. Shame.

*  Gov. John Kasich just doesn't get it. So what else is new?


Despite pleas to save Seneca County’s 1884 courthouse from Gov. John Kasich all the way up to the president of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Seneca County commissioners remained resolute Tuesday in their 2- to-1 position in favor of demolition.

Democratic Commissioner Ben Nutter said after the meeting with courthouse advocates that he finds it ironic that the same governor who slashed funding to local governments would urge commissioners to defer demolition.

“I think it’s actually hypocritical of the governor who has decimated local budgets across the state to now come in and offer up a plan that would have us spend more money,” Mr. Nutter said.....

John Kasich made the budget cuts and he has to learn to deal with it too.  If he wants something done, he can suggest it, and discuss it with people, but he is not a dictator. He cannot get everything he wants.  If he refuses to fund something, he too has to suffer the consequences. 

Think of how budget cuts will change other areas of our lives in Ohio.  John Kasich cut public school funding, but he will still demand that schools, teachers, and administrators, and students perform at high levels. When a governor makes the kinds of cuts like Kasich did, the results are not always what was expected.