Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Kasich's Poor Choice of Shirts

>>>>> Gov. John "elitist" Kasich has a shirt on from an exclusive, all male, golf club, according to ThinkProgress:

Today, Ohioans will decide on Issue 2, a referendum on GOP Gov. John Kasich’s deeply unpopular anti-labor law Senate Bill 5. In its print-version of a story on how voters “are set to roundly reject” his “signature achievement, Politico included a picture of the beleaguered Kasich stumping for his law at a Building A Better Ohio meeting. What’s striking about this image, however, is his shirt. It appears that Kasich decided to step out at a public event in a polo shirt bearing the logo of the Pine Valley Golf Club — an invitation-only, male-only country club.

Described as one of the “most exclusive” clubs in the world, Pine Valley Golf Club in Camden, New Jersey is “male-only membership” that is offered “by invitation from the board of directors only.” The membership list is “a closely guarded secret” and women wishing to play the course are permitted only on Sunday afternoons......

Why am I not surprised?  Mr. Elitist just doesn't get why picking on the middle class is wrong.

***  Time Magazine has their take on Issue 2 and Gov. John Kasich:

...Kasich’s tenure hasn’t gone as planned. The former TV personality and investment banker is currently the nation’s second-least popular sitting governor behind Hawaii Democrat Neil Abercrombie, according to the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling, with ratings that have mostly hovered in the 30s. And on Tuesday, he’s likely to see his signature legislation, a bill that curbs collective-bargaining rights for public employees, repealed in a hotly contested referendum. It would be a telling rebuke to the governor who made it a centerpiece of his platform. “If voters could do the governor’s race over again, they would,” says PPP’s Tom Jensen....

If Ohioans could do a "do-over" in the governor's election, I'm sure many people would not vote for him.  But then again, I did not vote for him because I knew he was an a**#+@#.

* The Today Show's guests this morning included one of the sons and one grandson of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. Dusty Rogers noted the celebration of what would have been Roy Rogers 100th birthday. There are many of us who fondly remember the show in the 1950's that featured Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Trigger, and the rest of the gang.  Do you still know all the words to "Happy Trails to You" (check out the RoyRogers website to check the lyrics)?