Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Farm Bill???

> Farmers need to get on the telephone and their computers and make contact with Republican Rep. Eric Cantor.  Apparently, Eric Cantor, has not scheduled a vote for the farm bill. KFYI notes that the 2008 bill expired in September. You can contact Eric Cantor Here or Here.  Let your voice be heard.

> The Republicans just noticed that they've lost voters like Latinos, women, military, Jews, middle class, college educated, etc., and those that don't want to return to the 1950's.

> Some people in Texas want to secede from the United States. The Examiner has the story. If Texas would become an independent country, students would not be able to attend colleges out of their state, join the American military, travel with out a passport to a nearby state, call on FEMA for disaster relief, receive support from the federal government, etc.