Monday, November 19, 2012

Still Confused? Stop Listening to R.W.M.

Republicans and Romney seem unable to understand how they lost the election. There are actually facts out there if the Republicans care to listen, but they won't. If you want to know how the Republicans were blindsided, here are a few facts----

Republicans believe the information coming from Fox and Limbaugh. It isn't news. The info coming from Fox, Limbaugh, and right wing media outlets should be classified as right wing propaganda. It is not based on facts.

Republican candidates/platform
(a) insulted working men and women,
(b) called people "moochers" that are on Social Security/Medicare/military pensions,
(c) tried to take away women's reproductive decisions,
(d) pushed for "trickle down economics" that would only benefit the rich, and
(e) disregarded the science, and math, of real, non-partisan polls.

A line that Republican pundits kept saying was that the other polls had too many Democrats. I guess it was hard to believe that the country has more Democrats than Republicans.

Republicans and their R.W.M. (right wing media) are not interested in the truth. They are only interested in pushing an agenda.  Hopefully, the Republicans and their party will destroy itself over their hatred, racist, and anti-science/anti-math beliefs.

If you listen to Fox, Limbaugh, ant the pro-rich party GOP talkers, change the channel.