Thursday, November 08, 2012

Time to Get to Work

* Now that President Obama has a mandate, we are all hoping that Republicans get off their rear ends and do some cooperation. The President wants to put people to work. Americans want to get to work. The Republicans would rather vote to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act over 30 times than do any meaningful work for their constituents. If Republicans still refuse to move, it might take a march on Washington, DC to get our message across to them.

* I'm hoping that Republican Josh Mandel will take down all his campaign signs across the state. I didn't like them before the election, and I like them even less now.

* In the sadness that enveloped the entire Republican Party, some of them still do not understand why they lost. I saw a C-SPAN program that showed some right wing groups that suggested continuing their promotion of their right wing causes. They want to push for more restrictions on women's health, lower taxes on the wealthy, and abolish regulations.  It is apparent that these groups must live in a little bubble filled with only right wing Republicans. If they had an exposure to the real world, they might have an inkling of how other people feel about these issues.