Wednesday, November 07, 2012


• Thank you, everyone, that voted for President Obama! Yeah!

•  The success of the ObamaBiden ticket can be attributed to women, volunteers, union workers, middle class voters, and all that worked for this election.

• In case you are interested----- Ari Fleischer indicates the future of the Republican Party. Raw Story:

After a stinging election night defeat, President George W. Bush’s former White House secretary still says that the Republican Party will never support LGBT rights and reproductive rights for women.

“The big issue that Republicans are going to have to wrestle with is the Hispanic issue,” Ari Fleischer explained after President Barack Obama’s defeat of GOP hopeful Mitt Romney made it clear that the country was more liberal than he had expected. 

“It’s not the social issues,” he insisted. “You’re not going to make the party pro-choice and pro-gay rights and think you’ve made the Republican party the party that’s the popular party. We have a party like that. It’s the Democratic Party.”

Thank you, Ari, for confirming the backward-thinking of the old white guys in the Republican Party. We'll remember your words for the future.