Monday, November 26, 2012

Sick of Ohio GOP and Kasich?

Gov. John Kasich is spending state money to promote himself. As OhioDailyBlog points out, Kasich is really not responsible for the new jobs.


Apparently preparing for his re-election campaign in 2014, our gov has started to run ads in Ohio boasting what a big success his privatized Department of Development Replacement, JobsOhio, has been....

....First of all, it's very hard to tie the slowly improving economy of Ohio to anything JobsOhio did. So far, it seems like it's mostly given money to Kasich cronies. It's hard to tell how many jobs they actually created. It's more likely that the recovering economy is due to national factors that Kasich resisted, such as the auto industry bailout. It's unclear that the shaky JobsOhio has had any impact at all. If anything, the governor's policies have fought against Ohio's economic comeback, as his cuts to local governments and public schools have forced layoffs in some communities. His bragging is extremely unseemly....

Instead of spending $1.4 million on the ad, it would have been better to give money back to the schools, the local governments, or the food pantries that have all lost money because of Kasich's budget cuts.  I just hope that there is a strong Democrat that will oppose Kasich in 2014. I'm just sick of these pro-business, pro-charter school, anti-women, anti-middle class legislation coming from Kasich and his puppets in the GOP.