Friday, January 11, 2013

Ohio Politics

> Gov. John Kasich will be giving his State of the State speech in the coming weeks.  According to an article at, Kasich might give the speech in primetime to have it reach more citizens. Really? I know we certainly would not watch that!

> Which Ohio politician has gotten lots of campaign money from the NRA?   The ClevelandPlainDealer has the names:

...It turns out that a northeast Ohioan, U.S. Rep. Jim Renacci, was tied for first place in receipts from the nation's leading gun lobby, the National Rifle Association, in the November election cycle.

Renacci, a Republican from Wadsworth, got $9,900 from the NRA Political Victory Fund for his successful reelection effort. That tied him with Steve Fincher, a Tennessee Republican in the U.S. House who also got $9,900.

Coming in next nationally: Josh Mandel, the Ohio treasurer who ran unsuccessfully against Senate Democratic incumbent Sherrod Brown. Mandel, a Republican, got $9,450 from the NRA. Brown got nothing....

Now you know which candidates carry the water for the NRA.