Friday, January 25, 2013

Terhar Hears From Other Board Members

The Columbus Dispatch has an update on the Debe Terhar, President of the State Board of Education.


Several members of the Ohio Board of Education today requested a special meeting to discuss the controversy surrounding Board President Debe Terhar and her Facebook post about Adolf Hitler and gun control.

“The reason for this special meeting will be for the members of the state board to have the opportunity to discuss together the situation regarding your posting on Facebook and how this is reflecting on board leadership,” board members Deborah Cain, Ann Jacobs, Jeffrey Mims and Mary Rose Oakar wrote in an e-mail to Terhar....

...“We’ve gotten 60,000 e-mails. It’s becoming such a huge deal and apparently it’s now getting a lot of attention nationally from Jewish leaders,” Jacobs said.....

Only 60,000 emails??????   I'm sure we can continue to send those emails to:
J.C. Benton, Director, Office of Board Relations at:

Debe Terhar, Gov. John Kasich, the State School Board members, and all Ohio must be told that we are offended and disgusted by Mrs. Terhar's posting remarks about President Obama.  It is shameful.

>>>  The ToledoBlade has an editorial that says "Ms. Terhar Must Go":

State Board of Education President Debe Terhar apparently doesn’t have the decency or good sense to resign. So it falls to Gov. John Kasich to make that happen.

Nothing Ms. Terhar could do to improve the education of Ohio’s children as president, or even a member, of the state board can offset or undo the damage she has done by setting an appalling example of intolerance and ignorance....

....For the good of the state, Ms. Terhar must step down. If she does not do so voluntarily, Mr. Kasich should make it happen. Her litany of excuses only confirms that she is ill-equipped to lead Ohio’s efforts to educate its children.

Time to go, Ms Terhar!