Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Time for Common Sense

As a nation, we must do something to stop this gun violence. Unfortunately, some people believe that their rights to guns trumps your rights to life, safety, and having your children protected from violence.  We've all seen what happened at Sandy Hook, Columbine, Rep. Gabby Gifford and the victims in her district, at movie theaters, in neighborhoods, and numerous schools.  Americans must stand up and say to gun manufacturers, the NRA, and people that love their guns more than human beings and say,

We can work together on common sense laws/rules:

1. You can have your hunting guns, but make sure that they are secure in your home. 

2. If someone is mentally ill in your home, perhaps having weapons in your home is not a good idea. Take a second look and examine what threat those weapons might pose to your own family and friends. Can you get mental health assistance for those in your family that you believe need help?

3. People who hunt do not need guns that have magazines with the rapid firing of multiple bullets in seconds.

4. Why should an unelected group of special interests, like the NRA, be able to dictate what type of weapons can be carried in our public areas, churches, schools, and other places?

5. The NRA's latest ad about the President's children, is a sick, twisted organization. Shame on the NRA. 

6. Background checks on gun purchasers are important and necessary to protect our children.

7. Get on board: Call and email President Obama, your representative, your senators, the media, and the NRA and tell them to work for a ban on assault weapons and large capacity bullet magazine clips.