Monday, January 07, 2013

Problems in Ohio Prisons?

* Here in Columbus, Ohio, we've lost WVKO as a liberal talk radio station and Current TV broadcast of both the Bill Press, and Stephanie Miller programs. We're forced to listen to both radio programs on our computers.

* What is going on in Ohio's prisons?


....testing done annually in October by the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction found 3.32 percent of inmates tested positive for drugs. The vast majority used marijuana, but there were positives for opiates, cocaine and alcohol as well.

It was the highest rate found by what is known as “saturation” drug testing in state prisons in more than a decade. A total of 6,828 inmates in 28 prisons in the state system were tested, with 227 positive for drug use. If the 3.32 percent positive rate was expanded to cover the entire prison population of 49,783, that would mean about 1,650 inmates were on drugs at any point in time.....

Even though Dept. of Rehab and Corrections Director Mohr indicated that not all tests were done on random inmates, it shows that this Kasich administration is not doing well in this area.  You just wonder which prisons had higher rates.

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