Monday, April 01, 2013

Kasich Never Supported Marriage Equality

* Gov. John Kasich recently said that he doesn't support marriage equality even though he said he did at one point.

Washington Post:

“The governor’s position is unchanged,” Kasich’s spokesman Rob Nichols said Thursday in a statement to reporters. “He opposes gay marriage and opposes changing Ohio’s constitution to allow for civil unions.”

Kasich was asked Wednesday about Sen. Rob Portman’s (R-Ohio) decision to come out in support of gay marriage.

“I talked to Rob and encouraged him,” Kasich told WEWS-TV. “If people want to have civil unions and have some way to transfer their resources, I’m for that. I don’t support gay marriage.”

ThinkProgress reminds us of Kasich opposition to equality for everyone:

....Kasich holds a long anti-gay record, beginning into his time in Congress, where he voted to ban adoptions by gay parents, as well as for the Defense of Marriage Act and the military’s defunct “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. As governor, Kasich broke his pledge to extend anti-discrimination protections for LGBT individuals, allowing state and contracted employers to fire anyone based on sexual orientation.

Kasich may have felt pressure on the spot to be flexible in his views, as his hardline stance on gay marriage and civil unions is now far outside the norm. Support for gay marriage is at an all-time high. Civil unions are currently banned in Ohio, but a ballot initiative this fall could change that.
Let me also remind you that in 2010 I wrote about Kasich's record in Congress at

...Kasich voted YES on banning adoption by gays in Washington, DC, according to Ontheissues:

Voted YES on banning gay adoptions in DC.

Vote on an amendment banning adoptions in District of Columbia by gays or other individuals who are not related by blood or marriage.
Reference: Amendment introduced by Largent, R-OK; Bill HR 2587 ; vote number 1999-346 on Jul 29, 1999 
Just like the typical Republican, Kasich says he is for freedom except for certain people, women, and those that don't typically support Republican candidates (teachers, union workers, fire fighters, police, state workers, minimum wage workers, the poor, young people, etc.).   Kasich's re-election motto should be---  

Freedom For Some

(just not YOU!)