Saturday, August 06, 2005

Ohio and the Country

In Ohio, our hearts are heavy because of the deaths of so many of our sons and daughters in Iraq and Afghanistan. The people in Ohio are also suffering from the corruption of the Ohio GOP. Besides corruption, citizens are also upset because of the GOP lies: No WMD's, no real homeland security at our ports, and no real protection for our soldiers in combat zones (unarmored vehicles in combat, soldiers having to pay for their own body armor, soldiers still having problems getting paychecks and medical care). People here in Ohio are also talking about the decision to send 14 men into a battle zone in an airtight amphibious vehicle. Who the hell made that decision? How is it that our soldiers, who are trained as snipers, are not protected/backed up by other soldiers? Who the hell is making these decisions that are killing our kids everyday? As of this minute 1829 of our soldiers have died in Iraq, and that total does not include those troops who have died in hospitals or by suicide. What is our president doing while so many of our young people are dying?