Monday, April 09, 2007

Bush Prays For American Troops

The headlines across the country on TV and in newspapers said that the President went to church and prayed for the American troops. Although that is an admirable thing to do, he must also work to bring our troops home. With the American people becoming more and more dissatisfied with Bush's war in Iraq, Bush runs for cover by appearing in front of uniformed troops.

Our military is stretched thin. The President ignored his generals on troop numbers when he started this war. Bush ignored his father's advice. When a general or commander has voiced an opposition to Bush's war plans, that particular high-ranking military expert suddenly "retires." The quagmire in Iraq will not be solved by this president if he has his way. He'll dump it in the lap of the next elected president.

With American deaths in Iraq nearing 3300, Bush needs to do more than pray. If he refuses to do something to bring the troops home, then the American people must put pressure on their elected officials to get the troops home now.