Friday, March 13, 2009


- In case you missed it, you can view the Jon Stewart vs. Jim Cramer meeting at Comedy Central.

- Daily Kos has an analysis of some recent approval polls. It is worth a look simply to see the abysmal declining approval ratings of congressional Republicans. You can see the Daily Kos chart here.

- The University Senate at the Ohio State University, has recommended that Ohio State change from a quarter system to semesters as early as 2012, according to a story at the Dispatch. This type of discussion has been going on for years. We'll see what happens.
The Ohio State University is large:
Total Acres (all campuses combined) 15,910
12,000 courses
167 undergraduate majors
130 master's degree programs
103 doctoral degree programs
7 professional degree programs
Total Enrollment: Columbus campus: 53,715
...........Total University Enrollment: 61,568

It might be easier to move a mountain.