Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We Know

Americans are aware of the fact that President Obama has many things to fix. He is working longer hours than his predecessor and actually reads several newspapers. President Obama has made a concerted effort to reach out to the GOP in a bipartisan effort to solve our nation's problems. Unfortunately, the Republicans are not interested in cooperating.

The Earth Times:
(This was taken from a DNC release.)
Today marks the 50th day of the Obama Presidency. In the last seven weeks,
President Obama and the Democrats in Congress have provided health care to
11 million children by expanding SCHIP, promoted equality in the workplace
by passing the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, lifted Bush-era restrictions on
life-saving stem cell research, and passed an economic jobs and recovery plan
that will save or create 3.5 million jobs while fixing our schools, putting America
on the path to energy independence, and laying the foundation for long-term
growth in the 21st Century.

Unfortunately, instead of joining the President in finding practical solutions to
the challenges facing our country, Republicans in Washington have chosen to
follow Rush Limbaugh's obstructionist politics every step of the way. Almost
every single Republican in Washington voted against the Presidents' jobs and
economic recovery plan, and the Chairman of the Republican National Committee
even suggested he would support primary opponents for the three Republicans
who voted for it. The bills to expand SCHIP and promote wage equality passed on
largely party lines, and all Republican leaders in both chambers of Congress are
resisting the President's stem cell plan. In fact, just yesterday one key House
Republican admitted that his Party is more interested in bringing down Democrats'
poll ratings than in passing real efforts to address the challenges facing our country.
And, during the debate over the President's jobs and economic recovery plan one
House Republican Leader, Eric Cantor of Virginia, told the Washington Post the
Republican approach to the Obama plan was "just saying no."

The GOP's strategy is delay, delay, delay, in hopes that they'll win the 2010 midterm elections and control the House and the Senate. We just had an election and we voted for change. If Republicans are unable or unwilling to work seriously on legislation, it might be time for the GOP to go into oblivion. If you have a Republican for your district or as a Senator, check and see what they're doing to get people back to work. It might be time to start e-mailing the do-nothing Republicans. Tell them that their failure to support the President's agenda has caused you to believe that they love their GOP more than their country.

We know that the President and the Democrats are working to get our country moving again. The Republicans are doing nothing.