Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Don't Tell Me!

***  When I heard that Lowe's had dropped their advertising for the TLC program, "All-American Muslim," I was not surprised.  In the world we live in, some corporations are so easily swayed by the demands of certain small, right wing groups.  Personally, I don't want anyone telling me what I can or cannot watch on television. Somehow, the family organization of Florida felt a need to be the "decider" of what is American.

I've seen a couple of episodes of "All-American Muslim," and the families on the program were just regular people trying to do well for their families, kids, and neighborhood.  There was nothing at all threatening or offensive.   The families on the program seem to be discussing the same things American families talk about--- food, sports, clothing, and family.  It is too bad that someone thought that was offensive.  It could be that the Florida family group has not learned to love, instead of hate.

As for me, I'll be watching more episodes of "All-American Muslim" because it is an example of the greatness of our country.  Our country has had contributions from every ethnic group in the world.  Isn't this country considered a melting pot?

We should all stand up and applaud Russell Simmons (see CBS) and others who've stepped up and bought ads to keep "All American Muslim" on the air.

>>>  Aren't you getting tired of the old white guys in the Republican Party and far right organizations trying to tell you what you can see, and say, and do?

>>>>>>>  Newt Gingrich is a real _____ .

Here is a post at HuffingtonPost about Gingrich's views on pay:

Long before he was a GOP presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich knocked the Bush administration for its effort to ensure all workers -- regardless of immigration status -- were paid for their work in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. 

"The government of the United States is currently insisting that everybody in the Katrina recovery make sure they pay all of their illegal workers," he said in an April 2006 speech at the American Enterprise Institute. "Now again, I am not for cheating anybody who came here, but I just want to suggest to you, this is so out of touch with reality, that it's baroque. It makes no sense at all. In a country which wants to crack down on illegality, the United States government is helping it."

Once again we see that fairness and equality are words completely unfamiliar to Gingrich.

*****  The teacher evaluation document for Ohio has been put together with a list a recommendations.  I really wonder how much politics has influenced this document.  The paper can be read at Stateimpact.NPR

My concern also were raised when I saw the list of names from the steering committee  from the report:
 (p. 21)  
Ekta Chabria
Jeanne Derryberry
Kyle Farmer
Diane Horvath
Dondra Maney
Chris O'Brien
Laurie Preston
Heather Reynolds
Sean Riley
Scott Shinaberry
Bonnie Ward
Melissa Wood

Do you recognize any names???? I can see two questionable appointments. I guess the Ohio GOP needed some people to guide and spy.

> Kyle Farmer is the chairman of the Fairfield County Republican Party and was featured in a pro-SB 5 ad.

> Is Ekta Chabria related to Kasich's buddy/staff member, Jai Chabria?