Friday, December 09, 2011

Shame on the Republicans

*  I've never been to Iowa, but somehow I cannot believe that there are so many far right voters that Republicans continue to court. Could it be that the far right Republicans in Iowa are just louder than other people in their state? 

I'm just sick of the hypocritical Republicans and their "moral" candidates.  I'm sick of the Republicans defending and supporting millionaires, bankers, and wealthy corporate CEO's who'd rather count their money than improve their country. 

The Republican leadership in the House and the Senate have done nothing but sponsor bills that take apart regulations.  Shame on the Republicans and their greed. Shame on their purposeful agenda of halting progress.

We've got to get the leadership out of the hands of the Republicans.  We cannot put people back to work and empower the middle class as long as the GOP controls the House and can block votes and nominations in the Senate.