Wednesday, December 21, 2011


*  OMG!  Why do Republicans tell such whoppers?  Do you remember when Republican Christine O'Donnell of Delaware said she had attended some ivy colleges and then people found out she hadn't???

Plunderbund found something that Republican Treasurer Josh Mandel, currently running for U.S. Senate, has added something questionable to his biography.


According to Josh Mandel’s official biography on the Ohio Treasurer’s website:
Treasurer Mandel holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the Ohio State University, a Law Degree from Case Western Reserve University, and completed the Investment Decisions & Behavioral Finance program at Harvard University.
...According to their website, the program is an “intensive two-day seminar” that costs $4000 to attend....

Plunderbund suggests that Mandel had to take to course "...because his actual education provided him zero experience that would qualify him for his job...."

A two day course??? Whoa! If I once visited the University of Bonn in Germany, does that qualify me as a professor?  I've removed splinters from my children's fingers.  Does that make me a surgeon?

Exaggeration is the key to Mandel's candidacy.  He is an empty suit just repeating the lines handed to him by his Republican Tea Party backers, and his rich conservative contributors.  Mandel support Paul Ryan's plan to end Social Security and Medicare and we don't need any additional push in that direction.


160,000,000 Americans will see their taxes go up because Boehner's bozos refuse to support a  bi-partisan effort that passed in the Senate.

Today, we saw how much John Boehner cares about you when he ended further discussion of the tax cut bill, and shut off the CSPAN cameras.

I remembered a similar incident several years ago when Republican Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner ended a hearing when he took his gavel, shut off the microphones, and left a congressional hearing in 2005.

Republicans need to grow up and put people before politics.