Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Mandel Running from the Press????

* Republican Josh Mandel is running away from the press. He has declined an invitation to the Akron Press Club because he might have to answer questions.  According to, Sen. Sherrod Brown has accepted the invitation for January 6th.

Will Mandel only meet with lobbyists who give campaign contributions?

Be sure to check out why Josh Mandel has been given a "Pants on Fire" by PolitiFact for his outlandish claims about  Sen. Sherrod Brown.

* Some Ohio corporations have tax rates that are so low it should be embarrassing to them. A  report by Citizens for Tax Justice shows the tax rates for 265 of the Forturne 500 firms (Full Report Here).  If you look at page 28 of the file, you will see the tax rates for some Ohio corporations like American Electric Power, American Financial Group, First Energy and others.  Could it be that the reason the state is having financial difficulties is because these companies don't contribute to the state?