Friday, December 16, 2011

Your Tax Dollars At Work

* One thing Ohio voters have learned about Gov. Kasich---- he doesn't adhere to laws. The continuing feud between Gov. John Kasich and Republican Chairman for Ohio, Kevin DeWine is heating up.  This time Kasich's employees are doing campaign work during working hours.


....Official documents show Kasich's regional liaisons Nicole Kostura, Nick Gatz and Sherri Carbo each turned in petitions for candidates to run for the GOP state central committee against candidates who support DeWine. The petitions were delivered by the Kasich staffers during weekday work hours.

Kostura and Gatz turned in petitions on Tuesday, Dec. 6. Carbo circulated petitions on Dec. 1, 2, 5 and 6, and submitted them on Dec. 7.

State law prohibits government employees from doing political activities during their work day.....

The article also explains that Kasich mentioned to Kevin DeWine that he wanted to have his own choice in filling the position of chairperson. DeWine explained that the chair was elected, not appointed.  Election????  Kasich must appear to be a dictator to even members of his own party.

*  Even right-leaning Politico is seeing some problems with Republican Josh Mandel's run for U.S. Senate:

...Ohio State Treasurer Josh Mandel is proving his fundraising chops, but his bumpy rollout has given Republicans pause about the 33-year-old candidate’s ability to handle the glare on a bigger stage....

With so many people out of work, why can't Mandel just be satisfied with his job as the State Treasurer?  Mandel is so afraid of the press, he has refused meeting with even the Akron Press Club. Mandel has plenty of time to fly all over the country to collect campaign checks, but he doesn't have the time to talk to those people who write for media and print???  Mandel is showing his arrogance.