Monday, December 19, 2011

The Incompetence of John Boehner

DailyJobCuts found some layoff news in Ohio at 13abc:

30 people have been laid off from Owens Illinois. 

In a release sent to 13abc, O-I says the layoffs affect the North American headquarters in Perrysburg, the global technology and operations center, and the corporate headquarters.....

These layoffs are not posted, as yet, at the ODJFS Warn Notice page.

*** I'd like to know how many subscriptions that the Columbus Dispatch lost after they came out to support Kasich's SB5.  If you have that information, let the world know.  I have noticed that the Dispatch delivery is down in a few neighborhoods.

>>> A report found at Insurancenewsnet and published on December 13, 2011, has John Boehner pushing for approval of the Senate bill on the extension of the middle class tax cuts:

....The House sets up its bill for a vote Tuesday, and while it's expected to pass, the vote count will be a test in its own right. According to Nevada Rep. Mark Amodei, Boehner told his caucus "I don't want 218 votes, I want 242." A count of 218 is a simple majority in the House; 242 would represent all Republicans on board.

Now Boehner is against the bill.  What happened?  Is Boehner being controlled by the Republican Tea Party members?  If Speaker Boehner does not have a vote on this bill, everyone will see their taxes go up. If that happens, you can clearly blame the Republicans for their ineptitude.

Where are the jobs, Republicans?  Where are the jobs?