Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hot Topic Now?

Sen. Marco Rubio Republican of Florida is supposedly another hot prospect for a GOP vice president pick.  Rubio's politics is far to the right.

There are some new developments about Republican Rubio from  ABC News:

....The young tea party hero most likely on Mitt Romney’s short list of potential running mates was baptized into the Mormon church when he was 8 and “remained active in the faith for a number of years,” attending LDS youth groups and walking to church most Sundays because his mother didn’t drive, the Internet meme and news site BuzzFeed reports.

Rubio left Mormonism to become a Catholic “a few years later,” and he got his first Communion when he was 13, in 1984, the Florida senator’s spokesman told the website....

....BuzzFeed says that its questions to Rubio’s aides about his religion “appear to have sent them into frantic damage-control mode.” The Miami Herald published a blog mentioning Rubio’s Mormon roots just before Rubio’s spokesman called the website to confirm the story. The spokesman said Rubio plans to write about his Mormon faith in a book.

However, an article from the New York Times (Nov. 26, 2010) has something a little different:

Marco Rubio, the charismatic senator-elect from Florida, is in many ways similar to other Cuban-American politicians from his home state: conservative, Republican and a “practicing and devout Roman Catholic,” in the words of his spokesman, one who “regularly attends Catholic Mass” and “was baptized, confirmed and married in the Roman Catholic Church.” 

But while Mr. Rubio, 39, presented himself on his Florida Statehouse Web site and in interviews as a Roman Catholic, bloggers and journalists have noted since his election that he regularly worships at an evangelical megachurch whose theology is plainly at odds with Catholic teaching. 

For much of the last decade, Mr. Rubio has attended Christ Fellowship with his wife and children. He “comes very regularly to worship service” at the church’s Palmetto Bay campus, said Eric Geiger, the executive pastor. According to Mr. Rubio’s campaign Web site, he contributed almost $50,000 to Christ Fellowship from 2005 to 2008.....

Jumping from Mormonism to Catholicism to Christ Fellowship Church is a little strange.  Does he participate in communion in the Fellowship Church?  Catholic Church leaders would frown on that (see answer 2 @CatholicDoors).

Sen. Marco Rubio introduced a bill that might make most working woman think twice about voting for him.


Legislation introduced by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) to reverse the Obama administration’s birth control rule would effectively permit any employer to deny contraception coverage in their employee health plans, critics note.

“Any employer could deny birth control coverage under Rubio’s bill and all the employer would have to do is say it’s for a religious reason,” said Jessica Arons, Director of the Women’s Health and Rights Program at the liberal Center for American Progress. “There is no test to prove eligibility. It’s a loophole you could drive a truck through.”

The Rubio bill, The Religious Freedom Restoration Act, comes in response to a Catholic firestorm over the fact that the administration’s exemption on its birth control rule does not include religious hospitals and universities along with churches. But this bill appears to go far beyond that, permitting any employer to claim the religious exemption without a criteria.....

I guess it doesn't matter to Republican bozos that 99% of all American women have used birth control at one time, and 98% of Catholic women have used birth control. 

Would Romney pick Rubio as a running mate? We should just let the GOP battle it out.