Thursday, February 23, 2012

Virginia on My Mind

I can't stand looking at the Republican candidates. They make me ill.

* Virginia has changed the abortion bill they had written from an invasive trans-vaginal ultrasound to a non-invasive ultrasound.  Either way, the Republican dominated legislature in Virginia is still trying to humiliate women. Gov. Bob McDonnell, who has been actively campaigning for a role as a Republican vice presidential candidate, probably got his panties knotted up because of the voices of outrage he heard from across the country. 

>>>>  Some students have a petition drive started to take back the invitation for Gov. McDonnell to speak at their graduation ceremonies.

Christopher Newport University's announcement Wednesday that Gov. Bob McDonnell is this year's graduation speaker sparked petitions to disinvite him within hours of the news.

Student-led petitions were launched on Facebook and on, both titled "Christopher Newport University: Prevent Gov. Bob McDonnell from speaking at Commencement." Graduation is May 12.....

*** The Ohio GOP feud continues, and this time contributors to the party are getting involved.

The intraparty feud splitting Ohio Republicans between those loyal to party Chairman Kevin DeWine and those backing Gov. John Kasich might have another prominent player: Secretary of State Jon Husted.

Husted, who is close to DeWine but has avoided criticizing Kasich in the fight for control of the party, participated in a “confidential” meeting called by a Dayton-area Republican donor on Feb. 7 — the same day as Kasich’s State of the State address in Steubenville.

Richard Chernesky, the attorney and Republican donor who called the meeting in Dayton, said in an email to “Eagles Forum” participants that their “support and contributions in the past to Jon Husted and Kevin DeWine helped them to achieve the offices they now hold and to position them for greater service in the future.” 

Although Husted might not mention his political plans for higher office, rumors have him hoping to get the job as governor in the future.