Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Kasich Contributor Gets Big Return

Pay to play???? You betcha!!!!

* Ohio Secretary of State campaign contribution website reports:
The Kasich-Taylor committee received $4,040 in campaign contributions from individuals that work for KPMG... 


The state is on track to spend up to $2.85 million for consultants to study options that would wring transportation funding from the Ohio Turnpike....

...The state Controlling Board is expected to vote on the contract with KPMG Corporate Finance LLC, of Austin, Texas, Monday. 

KPMG's team will look at scenarios that include keeping the turnpike as is; putting it under ODOT control and using a portion of toll revenue to finance transportation projects; or leasing it out for up-front cash and a portion of yearly revenues...

What a deal!  KPMG's people contributed money, now they will be granted $2.85 million from the state to do the study!!!  Ohio has just seen the old "pay to play" reinstated.  Kasich's buddies have their noses in the trough.

 I am thankful that I missed the State of the State speech given by Gov. John Kasich today.  He wasted 80 minutes of people's lives with his babbling.