Monday, February 27, 2012

Republicans Ruining Ohio

Example No. 752:  Ohio Republicans are doing nothing to protect women but continue their war against women.

State Sen. Kris Jordan, the man at the center of his wife's 911 call she made to report domestic violence, now is going after Planned Parenthood.

Here is a reminder about Kris Jordan from the (7/20/1011) Dispatch:

The wife of state Sen. Kris Jordan called 911 after a domestic-violence incident at their home near Powell last week.

Delaware County Recorder Melissa Jordan, 31, called 911 just before 11p.m. on July 11, at first hanging up after reaching a dispatcher. When the dispatcher called back, Mrs. Jordan said breathlessly, "Just, please, get somebody here. ... My husband, please...."

....Mrs. Jordan told the dispatcher that there were guns in the home and that one had been taken from its usual spot but was in a separate room....

The good people over at Plunderbund have quite a lot about Kris Jordan, including his lies about the purpose of the bill (see Plunderbund for all the details):

....After being called to his house in response to a frantic and distressful 911 call in which Jordan’s wife fears for her life and reveals Kris was pushing her around and threatening her with a gun, Jordan told police nothing had really happened and his wife just “got a little upset. Girls do that.”

.....Kris Jordan voted against Domestic Violence legislation. Kris Jordan was the ONLY legislator in Ohio to vote against The Jessica Logan Act, HB 155, a bill designed to protect kids from bullying and named after a young girl who took her own life in response to cyber bullying. And Kris Jordan is now sponsoring a bill with the sole purpose of defunding one of the largest providers of health care for low- to moderate-income women in Ohio.

It’s important to note that less than 3% of the funding Planned Parenthood receives goes to abortion services. And NONE of the money it receives from the state can legally be used for abortion services.....

If Kris Jordan and his other Republican legislators have their way, women in Ohio that cannot afford pap smears, physical exams, screenings, etc., will just go without. Do you think that will make a bully like Republican State Sen. Kris Jordan happy?

Here are some contact numbers/email for Kris Jordan:  
    Phone: (614) 466-8086      Email:
You can let him know how you feel about his latest attack on women.