Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Kasich and More Job Losses

*** Gov. John Kasich's long and winding state of the state speech is getting more scrutiny today.  HuffPost has details about some of the lows of the speech as well as Kasich's imitation of someone with Parkinson's disease.  Those of us who have loved ones with Parkinson's are not at all impressed by Kasich's talk about the disease.  To be fair, Kasich should have prepared his speech and therefore, he would have gotten his facts straight.  Instead, he looks like a complete jerk, as usual.

>>>>>  The Warn Notice has not gone up on the planned layoffs in Ohio for Eastman Kodak.  However, the Chiquita warn notice is up and they plan to layoff 200 people in Hamilton County. As of the first of the year, over 1500 have lost jobs in Ohio. This is another example of Kasich's failure to keep and bring in more jobs to the state.

* To tell you the truth, I really hadn't heard of this latest right wing controversy until today. Apparently some right wing hatemongers are targeting JC Penney because the company has hired Ellen DeGeneres as a spokesperson. The right wingers boycotting JC Penney do not like Ellen DeGeneres because she is gay. Eonline has all the details.

Give me a break.  If right wingers are against Ellen and JC Penney, then I'll make sure to watch Ellen's show and shop at JC Penney. My Mother always shopped at JC Penney for many household items. Since JC Penney has is standing by Ellen, I'll stand by them.

* I'm so, so, so, sick of right wing conservative men who want to determine my reproductive decisions!!!!!!!!!  Someone, anyone, please tell John Boehner that Catholic women are already taking birth control pills. (See HuffPost on Boehner's demands.)


...Birth control usage is nearly universal among American women with 99 percent of all sexually experienced women — and 98 percent of sexually experienced Catholic women — using birth control at some point in their lives....