Thursday, February 16, 2012

Republicans--Turning off voters?

* Mitt Romney appears to alienating everyone in the state of Michigan.
CBS News:

Campaigning in Michigan, a labor stronghold, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney bashed union leaders and their ties to the Obama White House, calling the bailout of the auto industry payback for its bosses contributions to the president's campaign in 2008....
.....A day earlier, United Auto Workers President Bob King scolded Romney for spurning the auto industry. "He can try and rewrite history as much as he wants, but when we were at our darkest hour, Mitt Romney turned his back on the industry, their workers and the people of Michigan and in other places where Americans depend on the auto industry," King said in a statement.....

......Romney has been strongly defending his longstanding position that Detroit should not have received a government bailout in 2009, but rather should have undergone a managed bankruptcy. At a meeting with local business leaders before the rally, Romney claimed that Obama actually had agreed with that approach but took a different path for personal interests......

This ranting and raving about the American auto industry only makes Romney look foolish.  If he thinks he'll win Michigan after bashing everyone associated with the auto industry, he is very foolish.


I wonder how many women will be voting for the anti-birth control Republicans.